Border Wall Protest: both environmental and social

Hundreds march in a procession to protest construction of President Trump’s proposed border wall at La Lomita Chapel on Saturday Aug. 12, 2017 in Mission.
Delcia Lopez

Conservationists joined about 1,000 people in Texas for a powerful rally against Trump’s border wall. The two-day event featured social-justice and environmental groups marching 4 miles along the Texas-Mexico border. They converged on the town of Mission, where the wall would destroy an important butterfly preserve and cut off the century-old La Lomita Chapel.

“We were proud to be part of this inspiring event with our banner reading, ‘No Walls in the Wild — Rechazamos el Muro,'” said an environmental protester.

Trump’s wall endangers wildlife, habitat, public lands, communities and people. As the Marta Segura with the Center for Biological Diversity put it, “Sacrificing due process and transparency to build a wall that isn’t even necessary to ‘protect public safety’ is what no one can fathom. This beautiful, peaceful river valley must be preserved as a heritage to our children and grandchildren, not split apart in a symbolic, empty gesture of hatred and division.”

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