Clean Water Act Under Attack

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is trying to roll back critical protections for our nation’s waters.

The Clean Water Rule, also called “Waters of the United States,” defines what types of water are protected. In 2015, scientific research confirmed that wetlands and small streams fundamentally connect with downstream water bodies and are protected under the Clean Water Act.

Wetlands and small streams provide drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans and provide our communities with flood protection, pollution filtration, recreation, and wildlife habitat. Polluters have been trying to kill it ever since.

Submit a public comment and tell Administrator Pruitt to defend our waters!

Some states are fortunate to have state protections that pre-date the Clean Water Act. However, a federal rollback could provide allow polluters to fight those state protections and would create significant confusion over jurisdiction and jeopardize our protected water.

Pruitt has proposed a short comment period. Please take action today to maintain protections to defend our waters!

The Clean Water Rule protects drinking water and provides flood control, pollution filtration, and more. Tell Pruitt to listen to the majority of Americans who expect EPA to protect clean water, not polluter profits, and stop this dangerous repeal process.

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