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Stop TPP

With one vote, our members of Congress could open the floodgates to threats to our air, water, and climate.

That vote is on a massive trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). President Obama and Congress know the TPP is unpopular. So they may try to sneak it through after the November election.

We’ve seen corporations use free trade deals to undermine our fundamental environmental protections time and time again. TransCanada recently announced that it intends to sue the U.S. for $15 billion in a secretive trade tribunal under the North American Free Trade Agreement — all because we rejected the Keystone XL pipeline!

And remember NAFTA? The TPP would be an even bigger giveaway to giant corporations than NAFTA. It would mean even MORE egregious lawsuits like TransCanada’s.

On top of that, we would be forced to dig up even MORE fossil fuels and ship them across the country for export — at a time when we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground to avoid climate chaos.

But some members of Congress just don’t get it. Some of our biggest climate champions might put fossil fuel profits above the climate and support the Trans Pacific Partnership. We need to push back!

Today’s trade deals aren’t really about free trade. They’re about giving corporations an outrageous amount of power to demand profits — no matter what the cost to people and the planet.


If it passes, the TPP would be the biggest trade deal in the world. If we want to make sure our government can protect people and the planet from Big Oil’s relentless destruction, we need Congress to reject this trade deal.

What”s wrong with the TPP?

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade deal being negotiated behind closed doors that would:

1- Trash the climate and the environment.

  • Allow fossil fuel companies to sue governments standing in their way.
  • Increase fracked gas and other fossil fuel exports.
  • Fast-track agreement approval, bypassing public debate.
  • Enable foreign companies to legally challenge domestic environmental regulation.

2- Boost corporate power.

  • Deal details are being kept secret except for 600 business representatives.
  • Similar deals have resulted in $3 billion of corporate handouts.

3- Trample on human and workers’ rights.

  • Allow media censorship.
  • Restrict government regulation on food labeling.
  • Limit access to medicines.
  • Undermine worker safety.
  • Ban “buy local” policies.
  • Undermine workers’ rights.

The good news is, we can still stop it from passing. The vote is going to be very close, so every vote will count.

This summer is our best window to convince our members of Congress to vote NO. In just two weeks, hopefully we can get 500,000 petitions delivered to our Representatives to show that the American people DO NOT want this trade deal. Please add your name below.

Click here to tell Congress to say NO to trade deals that put Fossil Fuels Empires ahead of people and the planet.

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  1. Its happing all over. Our government has made some agreements that act a bit cloak and dagger. If you look into them I cant see any real reason for it other than a huge cash pay out to the government officials. At times I feel really lost as so many people are trying to effect meaningful change and it is all wiped away in minuets for a Cash pay out. All the talk we hear from politicians with regards to environment is just PR. Best of luck on your side. Please keep me posted on any updates. Dan

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