Largest oil terminal in U.S. could be disastrous

Last chance to stop the largest oil terminal in the U.S.

Tesorosavage oil terminal

(Washington Environmental Council) The largest oil-by-rail terminal in North America could be built in Washington state. The Tesoro-Savage oil terminal proposed for Vancouver would have capacity to handle 360,000 barrels per day. This would bring up to five oil trains every day, putting our communities at risk of a dangerous derailment and explosion.

This reckless proposal is nearing a decision point, and Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) is accepting one final round of comments.

EFSEC is seeking public input on a draft industrial stormwater discharge permit for this dangerous project.Take action to stop Tesoro-Savage!

The industrial stormwater permit, while not the main decision point for the overall project, contains significant flaws that should lead EFSEC to deny the permit. The storage and handling of huge quantities of crude oil will create pollution harmful to the Columbia River and groundwater.

Once the stormwater comment period closes, we expect EFSEC and Governor Inslee to make the “big decision” in the coming months—whether or not to grant a site certificate for the massive oil-by-rail terminal.

Please join us in urging EFSEC to reject the industrial stormwater permit.

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