Protect our streams and wetlands

Protect our streams and wetlands

The Clean Water Act is supposed to protect our streams, wetlands, and other aquatic environments, but now they are in peril.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers have proposed changing the definition of waters of the United States that are subject to pollution protections. Specifically, smaller streams and wetlands, which are so common to the Northeast and feed into larger bodies of water, would no longer be protected under the Clean Water Act by federal oversight.

Conservation organizations are opposed to this change and have submitted comments on the proposed rulemaking. One of the letters is linked here for your information. Join in the effort to protect these important headwater streams by submitting your comments.

The deadline to comment is September 27. You may submit your comments directly to the EPA here. I encourage you to use specific examples of your favorite lakes, rivers and bogs and why clean water is important to you. Here are some other suggested points:

  • headwater streams are critical to downstream drinking water for millions of Americans
  • fish and other aquatic wildlife depend upon unpolluted waters for survival
  • wetlands provide flood control, filtration and habitat for aquatic species

More information on the proposed rulemaking is available on the federal regulations website.

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